Cyberattack prevention system

Works locally

The invGuard system analyzes and cleans the traffic within the customer's network without transferring data to external systems

Does not affect the speed of data transfer

invGuard runs parallel to the data channel. Traffic cleaning mode is enabled only in case of suspicions of an attack - the system operation does not affect the data transfer speed in the network

Modern algorithms

invGuard uses modern algorithms to prevent attacks at an early stage

Clears up to 40 Gbps of traffic

invGuard cleans suspicious traffic at 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps and more. The system is able to analyze traffic with the speed of more than 1 Tbps

Good price

invGuard is the best price-performance system to protect against DDoS

Scalable solution

Filtering systems can be installed at geographically different locations with a single control center

Download a trial version or ask a question?

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